Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: Silly evaluation

When the Xi lens system first came out, the whole idea was laughed at. Why do you think that Minolta didn't develop any more Xi cameras or lenses? I think in all the years I've been involved in photography, you're the first to think that the 28-105 Xi lens was one of the best lenses Minolta made. And, of course the lens is a bargain, as it is crippled on any non-Xi body.

Honestly, didn't you see the topic for this thread? It asks for the "Best legacy" lenses, not the biggest bargain.

123Mike wrote:

That's a stupid evaluation. Using random people's blurbs they write on a forum like Dyxum.

However though, they all say it's pretty sharp. You can also see by the samples it's pretty sharp.

Someone that wants a lens that's better than a kit lens, but doesn't want to spend much money, then this Xi lens can be a bargain !

It's pretty arrogant for you to make an arbitrary sweeping negative accusation like how I supposedly have low lens standards.
I don't spend $1000s on G lenses, so?

I want as much reasonable quality for a good price. There are opportunities out there. Imagine without any of those Minotla lenses available. You'd have to resort of expensive Sony lenses and Tamrons and (newer) SIgmas.

Another thing about that Xi lens. It might have lost some score because of the motor zoom thing. Some don't like it. But that doesn't make the resulting images bad.

Anyway, think and be a little more considerate then next time you lash out.

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