D800 [Images] Is this test showing th AF problem?

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Re: D800 [Images] Is this test showing th AF problem?

larrywilson wrote:

I don't think people have tested the far right and left focus brackets much in the past. At an f2.8 I would not worry too much from what I see of your images. I personally don't use the far left or far right focus brackets much because for a lot of lenses the far left and far right will not be quite as sharp as the middle bracket. All lenses have the best resolution in the center of the lens and get lower resolution as you go from the center to the edges. You have a warranty, so take the camera out and shoot your normal subjects and if your happy with the results, that is all that manners. I can't see much reason for using the outter focus brackets much, if at all. Have fun with your new camera.


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