GXR/m-mount help please!

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hcdcmd New Member • Posts: 18
GXR/m-mount help please!

Hello all, I'm anticipating arrival of a GXR with the M-mount and the VF-2 (I think it's called), and I have a few questions about exactly what to expect.

First of all, I've only got Nikon (slr) glass, Both mf and af, ai, d and G, so I know that I'll need an adapter or 2 -- any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Secondly, I realize autofocus is not going to work, but how about metering?

I imagine shutter priority is out of the question, but how about aperture priority?
Will the M-module adjust shutter speed automatically (can it be set to do this)?
Do I need to compose wide open for best clarity, then stop down before shooting?

If manual exposure is my only option, does the module show the proper exposure settings?

And lastly, will the above issues (aside from af) be moot if I just break down and invest in m-mount glass? Is throwing money at the problem the only way to get any automation with this system?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide,


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