Successfully using a Manfrotto product table?

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Re: Shooting tables R Us...

Barrie Davis wrote:

1 table..

Yes, but use of a table for glass isn't out of choice, Ian,

You said you used an upturned table with BluTac on the feet to hold your glass (??) Is this part just made up?

just as you choose NOT to use my folding crates arrangement, no matter how convenient and super quick to adjust for a new height I might find them to be.

The shooting table does it all... perspex, Formica, glass, background rolls, graduates, etc.. etc..

... My main hang-up is that it isn't really possible to change the height of the shooting deck unless you have a set ancillary legs in a smaller/larger size, and are prepared to take the whole damn thing apart, swap out the parts, and put it together again.. That is big problem for me. Indeed, your idea of quick appears to be my idea of hopelessly slow.

Mine too.

The Manfrotto table has removable leg sections to adjust the height.

The weight is to overcome the stiffness of bending inflexible sheet materials.

They just slip into the Manfrotto clips.

Huh? Are you saying you manage without a table top of some sort, Ian?

The shooting table handles most things... the forced curve adds rigidity.

What do you mean, "add" clips? Are you saying the Manfrotto table doesn't need some kind of fastening for its top? Presumably, that will be because you ARE managing without a top to your table?

The clips that hold the perspex also hold other backgrounds. They're not an optional extra.

.... and then secure it down to the top forward of the bend with a pair of those superb Stanley one-handed G-clamps, of which I keep a few.. (highly recommended, breaks the ice at parties)

6 Add G-clamps

Why are trying to make something that is easy sound like it is hard? And this is only to bend laminate, something you have not yet attempted, anyway.. You are hardly in a position to sneer at my way of accomplishing something you have not yet been required to do.

Not attempted - what gives you that idea? I have sheets of laminate and perspex which don't need weights of any sort. They just fit in the clips on the table.. and it's a standard size.

... but I do have an old fashioned 14 lb coal weight I use for a bit extra mass when required, and I could put that on there. Alternatively, I might leave the weight on the floor and strap the G-clamps to it with a pair of those adjustable webbing tie downs that are another of my stock items.

7 14lb coal weight

You don't have one? You should. They're good!

Stage weights work for me, although I've never needed to use them to bend a background.

8 adjustable webbing tie downs.

Again, tie-downs are only to fulfil my interpretation of YOUR requirement for handling less than convenient sheet materials.

No - thats the necessity when doing it in your way. I don't need to use them.

Fits in a Range Rover, SAAB or a Passat without any trouble.

You mean, without trouble for the 4 or 5 other blokes it takes to achieve the lifting. I know ALL about something as arm-wrenchingly heavy as a Cambo/Foba camera stand! Yours, with the longer cross piece, will be something in the order of 100 Kgs on the scales -- mine is 20Kgs, with only 2.8 Kgs in the base section.


The base bolts off and the upright separates. I load it myself.

Remember, I don't think of Perspex as any kind of convenience, least of all the bulky curved kind of Perspex with a 90 degree sweep locked into it so that it is almost impossible to store. On the contrary, I find it a pain in the Rs.

This thread is about the Manfrotto shooting table. It doesn't have a pre-formed curve. You can set the curve(s) yourself to suit your needs.

... have you actually used one - it doesn't seem that you have?

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