F58AM Overheat

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Re: F58AM Overheat

Mark VB wrote:

Depending on your end use of the photos, I don't think there's that much difference in noise characteristics between ISO 200 and 400.

Most of the pictures (the best) are to be printed to in large format. Usually tableaus so i try to keep noise levels to the minimum

You don't mention your shutter speed, and whether at the apertures you use you are in normal sync mode or high-speed sync mode.

Normally i use Aperture mode and use F4 - F5.6 to have a nice bokeh and shallow DoF. Can really tell the shutter speed as that´s auto. Probably should use manual

Most times i know that shutter speeds go up and flash works at HSS (we are talking daylight - Sunset or Sunrise)

One thing you don't mention, and I didn't ask, is if you are using any light modifiers with the flash.

Don´t use them

You could consider wrapping the flash in a white/light toned cloth which would minimize this effect.

Will try this.

Not necessarily nonsense, but not very practical. Better might be some kind of way to disperse heat build up. But, all similar flash units have similar problems (e.g., Canon and Nikon).

Yes, i know. Nikon as adressed this in the SB-910 by increasing the recicle times as the flash overheats

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