Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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I replaced my E3 with an EM5

It isn't just better, it's a quantum leap better. Where the E3 really fell short: higher ISO's, RAW's that can be pushed in PP, the EM5 excels. You can pull an amazing amount of detail out of shadows now, can use auto ISO without worrying about color variation or increased noise across ISO's, shoot at 6400 without cringing at what the results look like, and blown highlights are now the exception rather than the rule.

Add in the remarkably small primes they're adding (the 45 1.8 is about as long as a 35mm film can, and not much thicker than one), and it's a little powerhouse. The one thing I was worried about, replacing the OVF with an EVF, did not turn out to be of any concern. The EM5's EVF is sharp enough to judge MF, blackout during shots is nonexistant, doesn't smear or jitter when panning, and the half second 'instant chimp' is delightful - just long enough to see if you blew anything. And you can turn that off, or make it longer.

Oh, and this new IBIS really works. I'm shooting my 50-200 at 200 and 1/60, a disasterous combination on the E3. On the EM5, the shots are motion blur free. Not just a few, every shot.

This is where they are going, where they should have gone in the first place. This is the body that the better ZD's deserved, and didn't have until now.

Since I tend to prefer static subjects, I don't mind the slower (1-2 second) AF of my better ZD's on the EM5 body. The native M43 glass, especially the new fast primes, have lightning fast AF on the EM5 body. Even the kit 12-50 zoom is a speedy focuser.

Supposedly, they will fix the slow ZD AF situation in the next OMD body. In the meantime, I find this to be a near perfect solution: tiny when I want it, or add the battery grip and it handles well with the fast ZD zooms.

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