RAW and JPEG Capture

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Re: RAW and JPEG Capture

kryzt wrote:

You put I.Rezulution= I.Zoom and RAW only and what it make that RAW no longer weight 16Mo but only 8Mo

Fascinating I had noticed something similar with my LX5, because the RAW output image changes in size as the iZOOM kicks in its auto-cropping. I had not realized that this would increase the speed - but of course it would. Thanks very much for this info

On the LX5 you really have to use the iZOOM to get any zoom at all. That takes it from 3.5x to 5x with negligable changes to the image, and the advantages of iZOOM, which include better framing, with exposure and white balance calculated only on the cropped region of the iZOOM image. Much easier to pp with, than having the wasted pixels left for manual cropping...

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