Successfully using a Manfrotto product table?

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Peter Berressem Forum Pro • Posts: 10,647
like this one?

UKphotographers wrote:

Worked out how this is done yet ?

OK. Let's pretend I know nothing. Does it involve exposing seperately?
Put me out of my misery.... tell me what you do.

No, you don't expose separately.

It's more fun trying to work it out... you only see it as a problem because you don't know the solution.

Think.. how might it be done??

This was done on film... as said before, it's much more convenient nowadays doing it in PP. Can be altered easily anytime later, a fact creative clients (ADs or graphic designers) appreciate.

Back to the Manfrotto table - the main expensive part is the double curved perspex plate, much more expensive than a flat plate of the same size. Back in the film days we (an association of photogs) did a survey on who used these tables successfully and it turned out that there was nearly not one..

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cheers, Peter

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