Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

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Re: Build issue with FDn lenses

Just to make it completely clear: the FDn build issue I'm talking about has nothing to do with an adapter -- this happened with native Canon body mounts and even rear lens caps (I have several that don't fit on FDn lenses), and I believe that's how the FDn 35mm f/2.8 got damaged.

In FL/FD lenses, Canon had a beautifully engineered wear-free breech lock mount that unfortunately made it slow to change lenses and impossible single-handed. The FDn mount was a weird, clever, and inexpensive way to make a bayonet that is compatible with the body side of an FL/FD mount. Basically, the gender is reversed from other bayonets, which puts the lock/release button on the lens and unfortunately uses thinner, weaker, parts to fit the bayonet mechanism inside the lens. The result is that it is pretty easy for the FDn lens mount to get crud inside that impedes operation or to actually deform some mount component -- which is apparently what happened to my FDn 35mm, the OP's FDn 50mm, and at least a few other lenses I saw back when FDn was new.

If I knew what part, I would not be afraid to open-up the lens and fix it (if it is possible). However, I have not even seen any real mention of this jamming issue online... and certainly no step-by-step sequence of repair instructions and photos. Has anyone else seen something?

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