Any way assigning ISO to OM-D Dials?

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Re: ISO in film days, & why no exposure compensation...

Obviously you have never shot manual mode with auto-iso on ... Exposure compensation changes iso value. This turns M mode into a perfect blend of A and S priority

I use this on my D3 ALL the time - saves me from changing min. shutterspeed value in auto-iso menu in either aperture og shutterspeed priority when I go from still sitting to fast moving subject or vice versa!

A major downside to the E-M5 IMHO!

Exposure compensation is not necessary in manual mode because the camera doesn't control the exposure in manual mode, there's nothing to compensate for!!!! You are already fully adjusting the exposure, there's nothing to compensate for. If you need compensation, you simply adjust the shutter speed or aperture.

Anyway, in manual mode you want full contol of the exposure...if you had a compensation dial, which setting would it adjust? In A mode compensation adjusts the shutter speed. In S mode the compensation adjusts the aperture. In M mode which setting would it adjust, aperture, or shutter speed?

In M mode there is NEVER a need for exposure compensation since the camera didn't make any of the decisions, YOU DID! If you need to adjust one of the settings, you just do it!.

It'd be like a setting to tell a car to go 30km/h faster than your foot and your gear selection is already telling it. If you want to go 30km/h faster you press your foot down more on the accelerator, or change gears.

If you need the scene 2/3 of a stop brighter, you simply adjust the shutter or aperture two clicks, or adjust until the light meter reads 2/3 more...or you can adjust the shutter speed 1 click and the aperture 1 click.

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