Scam or no

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Re: Scam or no

(Sorry DrWhoIs: I meant it was a ridiculous price for the camera not that your comments were ridiculous!)

Not sure about the US. I'm from Australia and uncertain if we have similar system here. We have the 'htpps' secure protocol, but not sure if that is the same thing.

The problem is that the scammers could be in any country. Just because the ISP is in the Netherlands doesn't mean the scammers are. I have a website hosted in the US and the institution I work for in Australia has part of their website hosted in Singapore.

Best advice is to only deal with people that you trust, and that seems to be the more popular online stores. The first time I bought something from B&H I used Google street view to make sure that the store existed! I'd rather pay a few dollars more from a store like B&H and be sure that I'm getting what I pay for.

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