Best quality ± 24 and ± 50 mm lenses for Nikon

Started Jun 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best quality ± 24 and ± 50 mm lenses for Nikon

If you are prepared to sacrifice a tiny amount of maximum aperture, the PC-E 24mm lens is an absolute cracker in terms of sharpness. It also gives low distortion and very good control of aberrations when no shift is applied.

Don't be put off by the perspective control aspects as it can simply be used as a "conventional" (in the modern sense) lens when no adjustments are set and will reward you with some truly excellent image quality.

You then have the added benefit of the shifting and tilting mechanisms if/when you feel the need to use them. And you will want to use them.

It is bigger than the other lenses discussed here, and it does not quite fit into your wide aperture requirement, but it is cheaper than the 24/1.4 AF-S lens and offers so much more in terms of function.

Unless you are interested in shallow DOF photography at wide angle, this lens should certainly be on your list for consideration.

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