Amazing photographs taken with a 5D Mark II

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Re: Amazing photographs taken with a 5D Mark II

I agree, camera has nothing to do with the final outcome - it is the photographer.

The only conclusion you can drive is that for some reason many decent photographers pick MKII as a tool to help them getting where they want to be. That's all.

tony field wrote:

cpkuntz wrote:

In the Daily Mail there is a feature about the work of photographer Kirsty Mitchell.

This seems to back up the notion that gear isn't nearly as important as composition, creativity, light, etc. Gear helps, though. The 5D Mark II is an amazing camera.

Hummm, it is all about her creativity and her absolute talent. The 5D-II is merely a coincidental tool that she uses. Her images would be spectacular on any camera she happened to use. Would they be any better on the 80mp Phase One with an IQ180 back or worse on a 1D-IV? only to the pixel peepers or fanboys........

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