F58AM Overheat

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Re: F58AM Overheat

imlammothion wrote:


I usually don´t go over ISO 200 with RAW. Since i´m shooting models i need to keep noise levels to the minimal. Models are about 2 to 3 meters from me.

I also use the 16-50 Lens at F.4 to F5.6. It gives me the DOF i need to keep the model all sharp and a smoth background.

I noticed that one of the problems is that on daylight shooting the Sun´s heat has a huge impact on the flash.

I also have a Metz 58AF2 that dosen´t have this issues but dosen´t ofer the flexibility of the Sony

May sound nonsense but i belive that Sony should have but a fan on this

The issue is that any of these kinds of flashes are not meant for heavy use.

Looking at the manuals for the F58AM, SB910 and METZ58AF2 how many shots on full power and how long to then wait for cooldown..
METZ 58AF2 - 15 Shots then 10 minutes between
SONY F58AM - 20 Shots then 10 minutes between
NIKON AB910 - 15 Shots then 10 minutes between

Of course, you can't rule out a slightly dodgy unit, but that's easy to check, simply set to manual, full power, and use the test button to fire a shot every 10 seconds and see how many you get without it shutting down..

You could try this with the metz, but be warned, I'm not sure it has full overheat protection, people used to complain of burning smells from the 58AF1..

End of the day, if doing heavy usage, especially at full power, then you should look at the proper portable strobes, e.g. Quadra RX or any of the other popular ones, these are just better on every level, and great for this kind of usage..

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