Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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Don't move...

...unless you really move towards a significantly better or different camera (like D800 , D3x, 5D MK2 or 3 etc.) IMHO !

When I read thru the posts and saw about the magnesium alloy body, all-weather resistance, image stabilization ... none of the cameras you aimed at are any better than E3 or E5.
We can add up effective sensor cleaning as well in favour of Olympus.

So, what remains in other's favor : hi ISO , higher FPS , higher mpx. I don't know how is your lens stock, and relative lens cost when you changed to D60 or 7D ?

So, I think it is worthwhile for waiting for the promised E-7 till the end of this year, if you don't like to go to the m4/3 way even if it seems to cover all these three criteria (ISO , FPS and Mpx)

I think that it is better to write down your need and expectations from a camera honestly on a paper, and then make a system change if absolutely needed.

I would lash on D800 without hesitation if I needed it absolutely, but for the type of photography that I am doing at this moment, I don't need anything more than my E-3 (ISO 800, 5 fps , 10mpx, 35-100mm f2 , IBIS) , and I patiently wait for the E-7.

But, yes, I have many 4/3 lenses , and generally speaking I think that they are sharper and better weather-sealed than their counterparts that you'll use on D60 of 7D. But you spoke more about bodies rather than lenses.

And, if you want always the latest model and features, there is nothing like a so-called future-proof camera , be it APS-C or FF.

Good luck on yr decison !

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