Equivalent Solution Setup for Canons MPE 65?

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Re: Equivalent Solution Setup for Canons MPE 65?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Demontis wrote:

Hi, i need some support here....i shoot with the D7000 ( and love it ) and i would like to dig deeper into macro photography and want to buy a lens...i thought about the 105vr or maybe the sigma 150... but i stumbled over canons MPE 65 lens and followed the works some people do with it and i am quiet impressed about the 5:1 ratio possibility and how extrem One can go with that lens.....i dont want to change system but i try to figure out a solution and would be grateful of any advice of how i could set up a equivalent system for my D7000.

You can't, really, which is why I use a Canon 50D for macros. For an equivalent Nikon setup you would need bellows or extension tubes, which are far less convenient (or rigid) than the MP-E65.

I used to use a 55mm Micro Nikkor (reversed to get more working distance) on a PB-6 bellows. This will give you a range of about 1X to 6X, which is somewhat more than you get with an MP-E but it's pretty clunky. You also can't use a G-lens with it since you need some way to adjust the lens opening.

The other issue with Nikon is vibration. Unless they've fixed this on the D7000, you get a lot more shutter vibration with a Nikon than with a Canon because when you use a Canon in live view, the shutter does not actuate until after the exposure. When you use a Nikon in live view, the shutter closes, the mirror comes down and goes up again and then the shutter opens for the exposure. When you're doing high-magnification macros, this kills you.

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Leonard Migliore

Thank you Leonard for the input, i red a lot in photozone, fred miranda etc and just did not see anything equal and somehow i knew i would have to bite this nut...and i also did not think about mirror slap of the D7000 and how it would affect the work in this field..thats a big one...!

In any case... its cooking already for some time now and i will bite the nut, am sure its a good solution, i will buy a 50D ( preferable) or 60D to go for, i think thats a good start for the lens + flash...later i can always add a 100L and that will be my macro setup...and the D7000 will still serve me well in many other fields...

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