Successfully using a Manfrotto product table?

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Barrie Davis
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Black is light grey, white is light grey.

thomo wrote:

I bought one of the Manfrotto tables for AUD$500 second hand. I can't understand how things are so much cheaper in the USA. These tables new in Australia are around $2000! I've since bought a sheet of black Plexiglass to go on it which I prefer to the white.

Here's a shot done with the white just to try it out - just one soft box.

Hmmm... I note that significant areas of "black" in the front surface of the camera, as characterised by the zone around the name 'Nikon', are closer in tone to the background "white" than they are to anything that truly qualifies as black ....

.. (too much reflection... softbox needs to be raised so that it doesn't reflect... alternatively polarisation with a filter would be worth trying.) Also, background "white" isn't white anywhere. It is light grey.

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