Good-bye LX5.... Hello LX6 ????

Started Jun 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
MattBrisVegas New Member • Posts: 15
Re: Stuntmonkey is right...

As far as I know, the LX3 & 5 and their Leica equivalents are the only truly pocketable cameras with lenses wider than 28mm equiv. The smallest Oly & Pany m4/3 cameras are not really pocketable with lenses attached and, to get the good lenses (ie. 12 f/2 and 45 f1.8) you are looking at a system that is many times the price of the RX100.

Put a 1" sensor on it, keep it pocketable, wide to 24mm and a price under $650 and there is no comparable competing product on the market.

Is that feasible? Good question.

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