x10 new sensor opinion from a professional photographer

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Re: "It's not a flaw it's a quality"


I haven't been here for months.
But it seems that you're still angry with FF.

Fujifilm might be able to replace that camera of yours, or even compensate you for what you claimed as damaged shots.

How are they going to compensate you for 9 months of angst, stress and lost of peace ... and the health issues that comes with it?

My advise would be not to grab the camera without a through review by expert and peers.

GaryJP wrote:

xeriwthe wrote:

Ah Flickr, home of denial.

lol i guess that makes dpreview the home of decrial. and in like-fashion i'm here to poo-poo the new sensor that ya'lls have fought so hard for

What people wanted was a fix.

If Fuji can't manage that, even after nine months, it only goes to confirm to me what I already believe about them.

So feel free to poo-poo as much as you like.

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