Coolest Things to try with K5

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Re: Coolest Things to try with K5

-Use a 2 shot multiple exposure to superimpose 2 faces.

For an added twist use lighting from the side ( like a window) and light opposite sides of the two faces. Take mental note of the relative size of heads and where the eyes are in the viewfinder for best effect. Fun!

-Use highest shutter speed and/or flash to freeze raindrops hitting plants

-Put the camera in B&W JPEG mode, crank up the contrast a bit and take a few shots. Review shots and notice how much more important line and shape become. Play with composition accordingly.

-Set shutter sppeed to about 1/10 to 1/30 or so. Hold the camera at arms length, point it at your head and take a shot whilst spinning around. Take care not to get too dizzy, falling over and cracking your camera on the ground is not recommended.

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