D800's are usually problem free

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Re: Enough problems

goosel wrote:

again Outer Left AF point with fast lenses (1.8) 50mm or less focal length. Center and right focus great, left has more more back focus the AF fine tune can compensate.

After repair. Left is a bit better but still bad. Center has loads of front focus as does the right. Strangely enough i now even seem to have front focus on center point with live view. Didn't know that was possible. I'm still testing that but it seems to be that way.

Camera came back with dust in and a small scratch in the mirror box!

This is my 6th Nikon SLR/DSLR body with AF. I've been an amateur photographer since 1970. This is first time i've had issues, and yes they are real.

And sick and tired of all the fan boys in denial.

That sounds terrible - which country do you live in? You should write a formal letter of complaint. Clearly Nikon have a major crisis with the d800 - whatever arguments occur on here photographers from Ming Thein to Thom Hogan have reported on it - but to treat your new camera that badly is very poor.

I am genuinely curious to see what Nikon will do. The d800 is an amazing piece of equipment smashing all previous records for dxo and dynamic range etc. They have however let out it seems several batches with very poor auto-focusing characteristics. In a $3000 camera this is very poor. I expect by the end of this week Nikon will have put out a formal statement at the least acknowledging the problem. They may initiate a special recall or offer for those with any issues to get them checked out and fixed. If they don't do something this will be studied in the future as one of the worst product launches in commercial history. Regardless of how good technically something is, to upset so many loyal customers is a disaster.

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