G1X / S100 go to Russia, Baltic, Europe

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Re: G1X / S100 go to Russia, Baltic, Europe

CameraCarl wrote:

Is this representative of all the photos you took? About 25% were with the S100? Could you have gotten by with only the S100? (I'm debating whether to go with only the S100 or to take my 5D in addition to my S100.)

I did take about 25% of the pictures with the S100. It was a pleasure to use and I could probably have taken just it, but I wanted to have two cameras in case of failure. This was particularly true on a such long trip with not much opportunity to buy a replacement. The G1X was my primary camera - I really like the large sensor, high ISO, articulating display and easy-to-carry size. The S100, though, was always in my pocket and always available. For me, having these two cameras with similar menus, great IQ, good ISO and large-ish sensors worked out well.
Have a great time on your trip to Russia!

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