Last Sony New Lens for NEX Series

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Re: Last Sony New Lens for NEX Series

Ahh... so you didn't actually want an answer to your question. Thanks for wasting our time.

BTW, I was also a consumer at that time. My first VCR was a Sanyo Beta, but I soon traded that in for a Sony SL-HF300. Do you remember when Sony came our with Beta Hi Fi? About six months before VHS had high quality stereo for their format, and, again, a better system (separate heads and a different recording depth, rather than FMing the audio into the video signal like VHS Hi Fi did).

Mike Raub wrote:

I was an active consumer when Beta and VHS competed. Though licensing fees spurred JVC to develop VHS, once both companies had products on the market, VHS always seemed to have new features before Beta (2 hour recording, an electronic tuner, etc.). Once VHS began to take control in the market, the reduced rental and porno availability in Beta started the death spiral, though Beta was still prominent in the professional markets until digital took over.

The two most often used lenses in the Canon full frame system I'm selling to get a more compact system were the 24-105 and 16-35. Rough equivalents of these focal lengths are already available for sale in the m4/3 world. Not only are no such lenses available for NEX, none have been announced except in a general sort of way in the roadmap. These are not oddball focal lengths, but ones most photographers often use.

I made the original post with the hope that Sony monitors these forums (free product research, after all) and add another voice to an unmet market need.

SQLGuy wrote:

That would be the 50/1.8, earlier this year, wouldn't it? It was announced last year, but I don't think they were really available for purchase before March or so.

Main thing that killed Beta, by the way, was the licensing fees Sony asked for it. That pushed JVC et al to develop an alternative. Sony/Philips made no such mistake when they introduced CD's. DAT never stood a chance, even though it was recordable from day 1.

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Nex-7 with kit lenses, Contax G 35, and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

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Nex-7 with kit lenses, Contax G 35, and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

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