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Re: See Gail's site, and, well, I don't know what to say..

karlreed wrote:

I took the trouble to look up Gail Bjork's site, .

You know, when people are rude and dismissive instead of trying to be a little polite and thoughtful, they diminish themselves. When they are insulting to the kind of people who run a site like , then the only polite words I can find is to say..

They are just silly!

I have just bookmarked Gail's site, and I'm sure I will make use of it in the future.

OK, you may feel that she could have spent more time with the J1, however, to respond as if the OP is not a well informed camera buff is to simply reflect upon one's own lack of civility on one hand, and shear arrogance on the other.

This forum was remarkable for its politeness and civility, and, for the relatively objective commentary on the 1 series (which was not all positive). Let's keep it that way!

So, folks, have a look at Gail's site, and, perhaps say "thanks for supporting the community"..

Keep well



Why did she start a thread here about the N1 being made cheaply and being flimsy? Besides having a V1 and knowing it is not made cheaply, handled a J1 often, it is not flimsy, I have read loads of reviews of the V1 and J1. There has been a lot of criticism of the N1 system, it is not a beloved camera by the review sites yet build quality is not what the critics of N1 fuss about. Her post was out of left field.

Gail has made a niche for herself supporting small Canon cameras. Being the expert on those. Apparently anything beyond that scares her and she see as somehow threatening. That is why I suggested she should stay with her niche with Canon products where she is beloved as a supportive expert.

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