Wow - HDR is Incredible and Versatile in the new 5DMK3

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Re: HDR is Incredible and Versatile in the new DPP too

oscarvdvelde wrote:

Jaims wrote:

Wow, spectacular pictures!

Now, one question if you don't mind; what is 'single shot tonemapping in DPP'? I don't seem to recall such a tool within DPP, although I am not completely familiar to the lasts versions...

Thank you!

The function is called HDR, available in DPP 3.11.26 and later, but since I used only one image instead of several differently exposed images, the dynamic range isn't really increased. So all it does is tonemapping, but it produces results not achievable with the usual contrast sliders. Note that the choice of picture style matters, while using the linear curve (tickbox) can make a large difference.

I'm definatly going to have to give this new feature a try, cool photos.:)

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