Vostro 470 - graphics card question!

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Mark Devine Senior Member • Posts: 1,757
Re: Or, just replace the PSU later...

Hey Jim - Thanks for pointing out that link with the 470 PSUs!

I thought about the 8500 - but Dell states that it can only take up to 16GB of memory! I contacted Dell about the max memory just to make sure.

  • Vostro 470: 350W PSU, 32GB max ram

  • XPS 8500: 460W PSU, 16GB max ram

For what I am doing now and in the near term, I want the capacity.

In the end, the 350W may do the trick. My situation is that I have a card I want to keep. I have been told that cheaper PSUs will give you a rating for peak output, but Dell is based on maximum continuous output. So perhaps I do have some room there.

In the end, what you suggest - a different PSU if required - may be a good solution.

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