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Onabeach wrote:

I think its a fallacy that the eye constantly adjusts while scanning across a scene. If I look at the blue sky, and then look down at the scenery below it, the sky doesn't suddenly turn white.

Actually, if you look down far enough that the sky is in your peripheral vision, it DOES turn to monochrome, because only the cones in the central part of your eye see color. The rods in the periphery see only black and white. The reason YOU don't notice the sky change color is that your brain fills in the gaps. You "know" the sky is blue, so your brain continues to interpret it that way.

But if, instead of a real sky you were doing the same thing with a picture on a movie screen, and the "sky" in your peripheral vision gradually turned green, you wouldn't notice.

People keep saying that Raw pp is relatively easy to do and that's the solution to my WYSIWYG desire, and I agree with that. What I keep wondering about is that, at least in the blue sky goal, its a matter of lifting the shadow detail in the raw file. I assume (please correct me) that this is a basic function found in any pp software that can be done rather quickly. If its simple enough to do on a basic computer, why cant this simple computational task be included in the camera's processor? Yes, the computer is much more powerful, but its doing a whole bunch of other things besides lifting shadow detail.

This question has been answered multiple times, you just refuse to accept the answer. And the answer is that it can, but. The OM-D's in-camera curves tool does just that. But you have to understand the curves tools doesn't know what you're taking a picture of, or whether you want those particular shadows lifted. Maybe, for this image, you want to leave them extremely dark. Only YOU can tell the camera that. Same with the highlights. Is that blown-out area a highlight on someone's face, that you want to capture, or is it a light bulb in the frame that is going to blow out no matter what you do? Only YOU can decide that, not the camera.

If you want a P&S, buy a P&S. If you want a serious camera designed for serious photographers, become a serious photographer. Photography is, as I said before, some combination of art and craft. Learn the craft.

Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Bokeh is not the same as depth of field (DOF).

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