Does MB D 12 actually make a difference?

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Re: Does MB D 12 actually make a difference?

I had a MB-10 on my D700 but almost never used it. Too much hassle to put it on, I usually forgot about the extra shutter button and when I didn't, it was locked half the time. The other half of the time when I did use it (and I unlocked it) I accidentally triggered the shutter. The only positive is that it made my camera look bigger and more professional and gave me an improved frame rate; but then I'd have to put 8 LR6 batteries in which made the camera way too heavy. So now I've opted not to buy the MB-12 since its so much money and I hardly get it back when I sell it off. Maybe I'll buy a 2nd hand one in 2 years, but I'm not counting on it....
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