5d Mark III noise issues (cont.)

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You are right Alexandros 350d and 5D3, same shadow noise!!

You are absolutely right Alexandros - when it comes to shadow noise - the $3500 5D3 from 2012 and the $500 (probably less than $100 used) 350d from 2005(!) are about the same at the pixel level - it is all in the numbers from DxO (choose, measurements - FULL SNR)


The 0 dB level for ISO 100 is reached at 0,05% grey scale - darker than 0,05% is overwhelmed by noise

For the 350d that level is reached at about the same level at 0,059% grey scale


Compare that with the $500 Nikon D5100 at 0,012% grey scale (that is A LOT better!)


Or the D800 at 0,01% (the best)


The VERY best Canon has ever made, when it comes to clean shadows, is the $7000 1Ds3 with a SNR of 0 dB at 0,042% grey scale


If you are looking for clean shadows, you should NOT buy a Canon - sorry

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