5d Mark III noise issues (cont.)

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All DPP does is kill the color, hence no color-banding and noise

All DPP does is kill the color, hence no color-banding and noise


And here the blue text turns grey using DPP


No, not even Canons own DPP can save the outdated sensor technology in the 5D3 - All Canon does in DPP is cheating!

Even the 5 year old D700 does a lot better than the 5D3


ron purdy wrote:

I am reluctant to get involved with these silly threads...but:

have you tried using DPP on these files, instead of ACR or such. The 3rd party converters do not do nearly as well as Canon's DPP on the Canon files!

Also, post one of your "noisy" RAW files if you want real help. Otherwise there are too many variables and it's impossible to know what exactly happened to your file, and why is is so "disappointing."

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