D800 NEW DEFECT ! Abnormal Zoom sound in Live View Modes

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D800 NEW DEFECT ! Abnormal Zoom sound in Live View Modes

Finally received my new D800 from Amazon last week. I have been reading the forum and was wary of all the issues !

Because I'm upgrading from a DX format D200, I only have a 18-200 dx lens on hand, but I thought, no big deal, I'll get the new camera, handle it a little and then right away purchase one or two good FX lens like the 80-200 and the 24-80.

So now I've got the camera unpacked, I start testing it with the DX lens. It doesn't seem to have the AF focus issue, I figure, maybe it will with an FX lens but at least it's good start.

Tested it in FX mode on the DX lens, all good.

Looking at the screen, it doesn't seem to have the really green cast everyone is talking about, great, now getting ecstatic, woohoo.

Do more shooting test, looking awesome in DX... So I move on to try the LV (live view) modes. Turn it on... That's when my heart sank !!!

As I'm zooming in and out, the camera start making this crazy ratchet noise, sound like a WWII Tank, this doesn't sound right...?? I've been around enough Nikon and Canon DLSR's on high-end fashion shoots to know how a camera sound, and this is for sure not right ! I'm not talking about the lens AF noise while focusing but rather a LOUD clicking sound when you zoom !

I proceed to switch to LV MOVIE mode and yup, still there ! Start filming and by now I can see the little VU meter jumping up and down with every click ! Useless, I can't shoot with this, the sound is 100% un-usable. Plus it sounds like something gonna break at any moment ! Never had any issues with this lens in the past, it has performed very well all these years and the sound is for sure coming from the BODY, not the lens !

Ok, fast forward 2 hours later and having tried every combination of settings, and tried with every features ON and OFF, still there. I give up for the day.

Next day, I try again, maybe I was in a vortex yesterday ? Nope, still there.

Ok, let me try turning LV off before switching from Photo to Movie mode. WAIT, that's it, no more noise in movie mode, I figured it out, I solved it, great ! Perfectly silent in movie mode, as it should be. I'm back to being ecstatic. D800 best thing since slide bread.

But wait, not so fast, I'm back on LV photo mode and the sound is back. Tried all this nonsense a bunch more times, resulting in having at times the noise there and sometimes not !

Bottom line, camera is making sound in both LV modes, sometime doesn't do it in LV movie mode but ALWAYS in Photo Mode. Sounds like an old typewriter ! ok maybe not as loud but almost !

Called Nikon, they confirmed that regardless whether DX or FX lens is used, it should make NOT a noise like that. They confirmed my lens is compatible. They advice trying the camera with a few other zoom lens but beside trying it with a couple of FX primes from a friend, I haven't been able to test with another zoom lens yet ! Of course if there's no zoom on the lens to try, then it's not making the noise.

Anyway, they suggest sending it back to them for repair.

As far as I'm concerned, after this experience and all the issues I've been reading about this camera, I conclude it is not fully baked.

They should've left the D800 in the oven for a few more months ! One of these typical rush to market product.

Dissapointed in Nikon's quality control. Their reputation will take a hit on this one if they keep shipping out and selling defective units, expecting customer to send it in for repair when new.

This is a brand new $3k camera, which I shouldn't have to send to repair out of the box !

This is going back to Amazon for a refund next week. Maybe I'll order it again in 3 or 4 months... Not sure.

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has this same issue? Found a youtube video of a guy with a similar issue although not exactly the same but making a similar noise.

So you can add another DEFECT to the long list of issues the D800 has. One thing is for sure, QC seems to currently be non-existent at Nikon.

Nikon D200 Nikon D800
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