Mandatory firmware update suggestions for nex 7

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Mandatory firmware update suggestions for nex 7

This is my first post/thread here and i hope it will become a popular one since we all want Sony to hear us especially when it comes to firmware updates!

As a quick reference point i'm a professional photographer, and i had the chance to play with my nex 7 for a while. I think it's time to point out some serious flaws in the nex 7 V1.0 firmware that i didn't found anywhere else.

What i will write here is not a wish or a possible nice upgrade for the upcoming firmware, but a "must be" necessary bug-fix/upgrade that will make the nex 7 respect the original specs and will also make it a true professional camera.

Here is a short list that i'm going to explain later if you have the time to read the full post.

1. AF lamp for alpha external flashes.
2. AF in bright light
3. ISO stops
5. Customization buttons
6. Raw/Jpeg file size
7. AF point selection

Please fell free to complete this list, because i know i left out some really important suggestions like bracketing or file aspect ratio, etc.

1. First and the biggest bug i found is the incompatibility with the sony proprietary external flash: "Sony HVL-F43AM". There is no warning that the AF-lamp will not work no matter what settings are applied (the test included the la-ea2 adapter and lots of e-mount and a-mount lenses). As a professional photographer i make a lot of pictures in the clubs, and there's no way to use manual focus or get a frame in focus without AF-lamp. So the HVL-F43AM AF-lamp is mandatory! What is worse is that sony support site or sony original specs do not tell you this fault. They say it's 100% compatible with it. (The same flash is properly working on my a77)

2. There is a problem with the focus with the la-ea2 adapter and a-mount lenses in bright light. (same problem with a77) It does not lock the focus if the focusing area is too bright for the Af Sensor. There is a simply solution for this! Even the kit lens on nikon bodies (d7000) knows how to deal whit this. It simply close the lens aperture when focus. This occurs in lots of situations but anyone can try this to see what i'm talking about: focus on a thin wire with the sky as a background. Sony will fail and nikon wont!

3. Make more steps between ISO stops! I understand that this is a wanted deficiency intentionally left there so there will be enough room to justify the a77 as a pro body, but is annoying to see the IAuto mode on the same camera (nex 7) can do that and the manual mode cant! Also an upgrade to ISO 50 (seen on the same sensor used in a77) or even ISO 25 would bring the camera head and shoulders above anything on the market today when used in studio! At the moment of writing is the only camera capable of 24mp(3400 lines per picture height vs. nikon d800/3200 LPH!!!!) 10FPS(no need to refocus) weak anti aliasing filter/24.1bit of color information in raw!! This is according to dxomark scores. Based on that judgement a potential ISO 50 or ISO 25 will raise the bar even higher (eg: a77 ISO 50 vs. a77 ISO 100), living all the competition in the dust! This would translate in the best studio camera ever built to date (smaller, faster, easier for post processing and sharper files than d800).

4. Make the EVF/lcd viewable in dark environments. I am 100% sure that via a simple algorithm in the software the extremely obstructive noise can be 90% reduced and that without any battery life major impact! Also it would be more than adequate to let the user see the DRO settings when applied in live view mode. It is really ward to use the EVF/LCD in direct sun light.

5. Make 3 custom settings memory available (eg: a77 MR mode). Because nex 7 uses a virtual "Mode dial" it would be very easy to integrate them there. Also make the the REC button programmable.

6. I think this Raw/jpeg file size selection needs no explanation! It is absolutely necessary (especially for studio work) to have the possibility to select shooting raw with only SMALL or MEDIUM Jpeg files for super fast preview on a computer screen! This would minimize the buffer clear rates, and the memory needed for stock.

7.AF point selection should be by default on the rear dial buttons. For example the focus button should have a user selectable toggle/hold mode. If in toggle mode, once you select the focus button option it should stay there so you can change the focus points "on the fly" like the joystick on the a77 does! Of course maybe there are even better methods to improve it, but this is the easiest programmable way for this firmware.

In the end I'd like to point out i like very much my nex 7 and that is the only reason i have bothered to write a post this long.

If it only takes a list this short to correct and make the perfect camera based on mirrorless concept this is a real achievement for all of us.

Nikon 1 V1 Nikon D800 Sony Alpha NEX-7 Sony SLT-A77
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