D800 left AF point issue = faulty test procedure?

Started Jun 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
ShootDuringTwilight Forum Member • Posts: 85
LOL, another foolish 'Mr. Know-it-all'

harold1968 wrote:

Sorry, rubbish
Mine is fine
Most people's here are fine

Just because you have a D800 with no AF issues, doesn't mean that others are not having problems. Love the sheer arrogance of people on here that want to bring down others that are having the issues. People way more experienced and talented than you or the OP have found the issue, including Ming, Lloyd, Thom.

Maybe people like you really do have the issue but are unable to test it correctly to see it. Live in your blissful ignorance, but stop trying to make other out to be fools.

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