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Re: Switching to Canon? 5D3

Don't get me wrong, I am a critic of Canon, but at the end of the day, photography has to be built on a dependable Camera system that works and that is what Canon does best - work. It might best be described as the Glock of the Camera world.

Sure I would love to have more MP's and I am sure we'll see it from Canon soon, but my highest need is reliability, dependability and when needed customer service excellence and that is why I won't switch to Nikon (but I did look real close).

I do prints up to 44x65" using files from my Canon 5DMK2 and now I own a 5DMK3 and my initial impressions are less noise, better/cleaner low light and this should help deliver better large printed files versus the 5DMk2. Low light and a live view that you can actually use to me is way more important than more MP's, but I am still wanting a higher res Canon FF camera and I think Canon got that message conveyed loudly from a good percentage of its customer base after the D800 was announced.

Canon Glass in my opinion is the best glass in the world not only for optical quality but because of the ruggedness of design. I sold a 1.4 extender to a local rancher this past week and that old boy drove up in a dirty pickup and out he came with a big white lens and Canon camera! Camera looked beaten as if it were attached to a cowboy riding a wild horse in a rodeo! He slapped that extender on, took some motor drive images, had a close look at the results and plunked down the money for the 1.4 Extender II. He told me his Canon Camera was responsible for selling a lot of horses to his clients, both local and international, that he might not have otherwise been able to sell.

Now my friend, that's a camera system that you can rely upon!

Welcome to Canon!

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