Help with my NEX-5 and brand new Zeiss 24mm f1.8

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Re: Help with my NEX-5 and brand new Zeiss 24mm f1.8

Maybe, but I don't think I will buy another zeiss. I'm not the type that changes lens. I am very lazy and always make do with what I have. My brother used to have a300 with 2 lens and we sold one lens because we're just to lazy to change lens. It's just that I have an obsession to have a zeiss so I buy this lens even though I am satisfied with the 16 f2.8 pancake (except for the focal length which is too wide but, in my opinion, still very usable as a general use). Another thing that keeps me from having another zeiss, I am a student with a very limited budget living in a third country. Now you know why I'm paranoid with my zeiss.

Think I'm going to sleep now. I'm exhausted from the stress of dropping my lens, it's already 0.45 AM in my country, and I want to wake up at 1.45 to watch euro. Maybe tomorrow I will buy a protector filter. I can accept the quality loss from using the filter.

Thanks again for your feedback. Helps a lot.

@MrT-Man: aaaaaahhh MrT-Man, now I can't sleep anymore. Here is the same picture taken @f2.0, @f2.8, @f4.0, @f5.6, and @f8. Please help and feedback. Sorry for my paranoia and the hassle it gives you.

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