Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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Re: I don't think that's what killed it

I'm using both Olympus and Canon DSLR systems. Olympus DSLR cameras offer a lot of benefits, which is why they had quite a number of people interested in their equipment for years and years. In my opinion, what "killed" Olympus 4/3rds gear, was Olympus. They decided to stop making them other than their flagship model, which was the E-5. They abandoned the E-XX and E-XXX models in favor of their PENs. I thought the PENs were inadequate, so I starting using Canon also. Now, with the E-M5, I think that is more of an improvement. We'll have to watch and see what Olympus does in the future. But people should know...the 4/3rds cameras and Zuiko lenses are really special. You all would have had to used them to know.

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