D800 - AF issues worse than expected

Started Jun 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 - AF issues worse than expected

Here's my final test (I only have 3 modern AF lenses to test on the D800). This is with the 16-35/4 VR and should dispel any thoughts that these outer AF point issues are restricted to wide aperture lenses.

Here I'm again focusing on the far left chart. The charts in this case are 3 inches apart. Focal length is 24mm, aperture f4, focus distance 4ft.

(The centre AF point is displaying some slight back focus (about 3"), which I should have dialled out with Fine Tune. Nevertheless it is clear that the outer left AF point is giving significantly worse back focus (12"). And the outer right AF pint is quite bad too (6").)

Centre AF point:

Left AF point:

Right AF point:

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