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Re: "It's not a flaw it's a quality"

It is sadly true that with consumer products people tend to behave as if products are like athletic teams or something, where one projects his or her -- usually his -- self worth onto some product or manufacturer. (For a hilarious extreme of this, go to someplace like crackberry.com, where boys who will never know woman -- it really ought to be a palm website -- believe that their telephones make them cool.)

Seems to me that as consumers we should purchase products to perform or ease tasks. If they work, we are happy with them and might recommend them. If they fall short, we might note that and not recommend them.

Fuji has recently produced products that are almost brilliant. They would be brilliant but for execution in some cases. I have an old F70EXR that would be a very nice camera if Fuji had only added correction for purple fringing to the firmware. This is so commonly done nowadays that it is almost trivial. But they didn't. I do not know why, and neither does anyone here. My X100 is an almost brilliant camera that would be one of the best cameras ever were they to have done a few things that ought to be simple. Parallax correction was not there at all at first; then they added a second floating focus box that helps -- but the old, now useless, one remains for reasons unknown. And the framing box is unchanged. There ought to be a lock for the exposure compensation dial, which is too easily inadvertently changed.

The X10 has had various problems, all of them kind of niggling. The orb issue is of great significance to a handful of people, of little significance to others, and of practically no significance to still others. It shouldn't exist at all. Then again, I'd happily accept orbs in exchange for a center box in the finder that roughly -- it must by design be rough -- corresponds to the focusing spot.

There may, too, be a bit of a quality control issue. I fell for the orb fix, which btw is fine, no objections in that regard, but received a replacement camera which introduces a new problem: the off detent in the zoom ring is not at all firm, so now it is easily to accidentally turn on the camera. In firmware, there is no way to leave the captured image on the LCD so that it can be checked after making a picture using the viewfinder. (A proper solution would be a menu item that would display the image until the shutter is half-pressed, after which it blanks, for those of us who otherwise don't use the LCD. This is is a pretty obvious thing.

All that having been said, it does not imply that Fuji is a company of God-like humans among us; nor is it a company of evil and dishonest persons seeking to fool the credulous. It is a company. It makes cameras, which we are free to purchase or not purchase as our mood suits us. In most places, return after purchase is not complicated.

But some seem to tie their self worth, as I said, to consumer products. Poor dears.
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