Does MB D 12 actually make a difference?

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Re: Does MB D 12 actually make a difference?

The camera only uses the battery inside the body when the battery in the grip is completely depleted. So, in practice you don't remove the grip much. (which is a 5 second job btw)

Anyway, the grip is build like a tank and very solid. It feels like it's really one with the cam, no wobbles. It's a tiny bit too small for normal hands but much better than the D800 body which is really too small for normal hands. Well, I'm a Dutch male. A chinese girl might think otherwise.

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Thank You

It would be helpful if you can give me one more info also.The MB D12 product manual says that i can use one EN EL 15 in it.Is it like one battery inside the camera and one in the grip ? So for charging the camera battery should i remove the grip and take out the battery from the camera?.Is it practical to do such thing.Thanks in advance

it is easy to remove and attach the grip -- which you must do when recharging the battery inside the camera. if you prefer, however, you can use the camera with a battery in the grip only -- or in the camera, if you prefer.

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