two times first prize with same picture ?

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Re: two times first prize with same picture ?

AlexBakerPhotoz wrote:

I have often entered photos is multiple challenges if they fit the rules and there is no rule excluding multiple entries. Leave it to the hosts. I actually enjoy seeing how the same photo will be received in different contexts. Most interesting is when it wins or does well in one challenge and does poorly in another. Go figure.

I agree on all your points. The Challenges are not a truly serious competition, and considering the fantasrtic prizes for first place, plus the relative ease with which someone can skew the results by having a whole slew of first and second cousins vote, they shouldn't be taken as such.

Using the same photo for different Challenges is the same as entering the same shot in more than one "outside" photo competition. Unless the rules prohibit doing so, what's the harm, especially if the photo fits different themes? I've entered the same shot in a number of Challenges for the same reason.

One way the OP can look at it is this; ... Considering the unintentional vagaries of the voting method in the Challenges, winning two or more Challenges with the same shot could be seen as an extra validation that the shot truly is a deserving winner. ... or something like that.

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