D800 service center check for the focusing points

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Re: A real world situation....

Hello Phil,

I haven't altered my settings from normal. I am reluctant to do so because I am used to using the centre point to focus. It just means moving the the camera to recompose. No big deal really. I find focus accuracy on the left and right points for functions (handshakes), wedding groups etc where autofocus can spoil a pic because it focuses between and behind the subjects otherwise. I won't use the L&R points on my D800.

At first I disbelieved posts here, but now I am glad I read them and was careful. If your centre focus point is off then I would definitely return the camera and aim for replacement. I am not qualified to judge why this is happening and probably not as technically savvy as many on the forum but from what I can gather by reading the posts here the problem is common but varies between cameras. I really only finally decided to post because a number of people are denying the problem. I have faith in Nikon and believe that eventually they will do something about it. Try them.

Fastmikefree wrote:

Hi Neil

Did you have to fine tune the camera for your lens(es)? I had to do it but the Nikon manual is saying that this should be avoided. Without it, even my center point was not in focus...

85 1.8g by -5
105 2.8 micro by +1
14-24 by -18 (but still not very sharp despite the reputation of that lens...)

Many thanks in advance


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