Colour space on G1X

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Re: Colour space on G1X

PBee wrote:

A question to G1X owners. Can you change the colour space? I've looked in the menu and manual and can't find a reference to it, but in DPP it says shots were taken in sRGB. I have read this is really for computer screens and that for best output in print you should use RGB. Does anyone have a view on this and can you change the setting on the G1X.

The G1X does not allow you to change the color space for JPEG images - sRGB is the only option. If you shoot RAW then your raw convertor software will determine what color space you work in and will usually let you choose what color space to save your final JPEG images in. For example Lightroom works entirely in the ProPhoto color space until final output - LR 4 also includes soft proofing for previewing images in other color spaces.

I paid $648 AUD from an Australian online store and will get back the 10% tax when I head off on an overseas holiday next week. So a G1X for just under $590 was too good to pass up.

Don't forget that the camera may be subject to GST if you bring it back into the country ( ).


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