Wow - HDR is Incredible and Versatile in the new 5DMK3

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Re: absolutely agree

sacentre wrote:

I have a 5D2 so am restricted to the 3-exposure in-camera bracketing which I've found perfectly adequate for the limited amount of HDR that I do. I've also found the single-image tone mapping function provided by most of the HDR programs to give quite pleasing (for me at least) results.

One of the attractions of the 5DIII for me would be the extended HDR functions but I've been able to add these and more to my 5DII with the use of an Android phone running apps such as DSLR Remote. This is a superb, free app that provides all the basic Timer and Interval shutter release functions as well as comprehensive HDR control allowing sequences of up to 9 shots controlling the camera via the USB port. I've found Android apps on a mobile phone or tablet a brilliant way of extending the functions of DSLRs.

About the HDR technique generally, I like the various looks it produces but sometimes wonder why it attracts so much criticism with terms like "over-cooked", "grunge", "clown vomit" etc.

I'm not a self appointed champion of HDR but just wonder why the technique seems to get singled out more than others techniques, apparently for a supposed failure to adhere strictly to some undefined criterion of "realistic" or "natural". It's not as if there's a rule that says extending dynamic range should ONLY be used to raise shadow detail or recover details from blown highlights and go no further, although I realise that many may hold this view.

I always thought photographers (with the possible exception of photojournalists or those involved with legal, medical or phorensic photography) were image creators and were not just there to "zerox reality" to quote a phrase from someone on this forum.

HDR produces a large variety of different and engaging artistic "looks" which are, ultimately, just matters of taste. On doesn't hear the same sorts of criticisms levelled at all the stuff that goes on in advertising and commercial photography where anything and everything is legitimate in the name of creative art - especially where it can be claimed that "the look was what the client was paying for".

Just my ten cents. Thanks for reading.


Great example, looks natural to me. It makes me want to learn more about HDR photography. Im supprised you can do that with just 3 exposures. Great job

I think some of the criticism about HDR is due to the fact that many of the pictures have a very "flat" look to them, a lack of contrast, no real highlights and no real shadows. This doesnt seem to be the case with your picture though, while it isn't the most intresting composition or subject matter I've ever seen, for the purpose of making your point it does a good job.

As far as negative criticism about your art or the technique you choose to employ, take it with a grain of salt, do what inspires you and you will do well.

Thanks, keep up the good work!

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