shadow problem on images taken with Canon 50D

Started Oct 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
Y Hafting
Y Hafting Contributing Member • Posts: 787
a hair

I believe this is a hair. Not necessarily attached to the sensor.

It could even be attached to the mirror in a way that it would be slammed in front of the sensor when opening (you have to be creative to find it, but it should somehow be between the sensor and the lense).

If stopping down makes it more pronounced, it is something in front of the sensor, possibly between the lense and the sensor. If stopping down does not make any difference, the sensor may be defect (i seriously doubt this would be the issue).

I would reccomend writing things like this in a new post reffering to the old instead, as it seems some were answering the original, old post (certainly i did first), rather than answering your new issue.

Good luck finding a solution


veridian6 wrote:

I seem to have somewhat of the same issue...has anyone figured this problem out yet? camera is a canon 50d

its not dust and Ive replicated the issue with two diffeent lens, so its not a lens issue..thanks in advance..

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