Hyperventilation about the 5D MK III

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Re: Many thanks to all

Thanks for your words about my photography - I definitely do not deserve it:-) I will try to be super objective and very positive when I will get 5D MKIII and will report my analysis:-)

I might be very wrong, but I guess my expectation were a bit higher - Canon could have done a bit more 4 years later and for 3500 USD. In any case, I am sure that you can do cracking images with MKIII......

schmegg wrote:

Ogjetaknight wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Yep - and equally an original 5D would have done just as well too. I guess it could be argued that the 5D2 isn't a significant improvement over the original for your photography?

Ferrari_Alex wrote:
Thankx:-) it would not change it one bit:-)

Phil Hill wrote:

Very nice photo.

I’m going to turn your question around. If the 5D3 had been the camera you wanted it to be, how would that have made this photo better?

Very nice photograph Alex. I guess I should have stayed with my Pentax K1000, the autofocus was non existant, the metering was easy to figure out, even though it lacked a histogram display, I don't know how many megapixels it had, and I don't remember anyone complaining about the dynamic range, AAAHHHH! the good old days

You are a very good photographer Alex, keep up the good work.

BTW - it's certainly not my intention to denigrate Alex's photographic skills - my opinion aligns perfectly with yours regarding his abilities as a photographer.

It's the way Alex justifies his chosen camera body that I'm a little amused with, that's all. It seems everything that brings more advantages than the 5D2 is only just a bit better but not worthy of consideration and at the same time anything that is less than a 5D2 is not good enough - yet judging by his images (which are lovely) I doubt that he'd really notice much difference at all between a 5D, a 5D2, a 5D3, a D700 or a D800.

But - it's not really for me to say - he knows best what suits him. I can, however, make a judgement and I'm doing so because he has been quite active here posting threads that attempt to minimise any advantages that the 5D3 brings - so I find it interesting that he does not apply the same logic with regards to cameras such as the original 5D.

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