F58AM Overheat

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Re: F58AM Overheat

I generally agree with the other comments thus far. But, you don't say what settings you are using in your shoots (particularly ISO and aperture), and how far the models typically are. It's possible you might be able to alter some of your settings to make the flash work less hard, thus reducing the times when it overheats, or prolonging a shooting session before it does.

For example, if you can boost your ISO without using a smaller aperture (which would mean a faster shutter speed), without exceeding the camera's top sync speed, that might help. However, if you are already exceeding the flash sync speed and are in HSS mode, then doing what you can to use a shutter speed within the normal sync mode range might help. When the flash is in high speed sync mode it basically is using a series of pulses within the brief time the shutter is open. While these pulses are each at reduced power, because there is a sequence of multiple pulses for a single exposure it still means the flash is working hard, possibly harder than if you used a shutter speed at or below the camera's sync speed. That would allow the flash to work with only one pulse of light, and possibly at less than full power depending on the overall shooting situation and your camera settings.

Basically, you need to examine if there are ways of shooting that will not tax the flash as much as what you are now doing. If not, the recommendation to alternate two flashes is likely your best alternative, assuming you have a second flash or can afford to get one.

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