Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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jonikon wrote:

Heie2 wrote:

jonikon wrote:

I'm not sure who you are asking the question of, but here are some of my reasons I chose the Nikon D7000 over the Pentax K5.

  • Pentax K5 body was $200 more at release than the Nikon D7000 body only.

And now it can be bought new for $800 body only. The D7000 can't even compete with that. But agreed, at launch it was more expensive.

I think the huge price drop of the Pentax K5 says it all. According to you, the Pentax K5 has lost $800, or half it's value since it's introduction in the fall of 2010 , while the Nikon D7000 is still holding near it's original introduction price of $1200. I feel sorry for those Pentax people who paid the the exorbitant $1600 for a K5 body that can now be had for $800 new (according to you). But that's the typical fate for those that choose to buy into Pentax, that is a company struggling to keep it's market share above 4%, and it's financial head above water.

  • Jon

Utter nonsense and a feeble attempt to discredit the K-5's superiority. Buyer's remorse on your behalf, perhaps.

Regardless, don't slander such a high quality product - it's on the verge of being discontinued (if it hasn't already - no official announcement of that yet) and stores are emptying their shelves to make room for it's upcoming replacement. That is common practice throughout the world's economics. You buy a car, and it's immediately $1000's of dollars less the minute you drive it out of the dealership.

Your bias is disgusting. I have no problems admitting strengths of any other system despite the fact that I am pro-Pentax. But your inability to accept and admit fact is disheartening and discredits any offerings you may have.

And instead you feebly attempt to discredit my entire post of counters to your falsehoods and misconceptions with a contortion of simple market economics. Sophomoric at best.


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