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The Skipper wrote:

Heie2 wrote:

The D7000 is a great camera, but it's simply not as good as the K-5. Close, but not there.

If that's the case, then what does it say about the K30 vs the D7000? If I understand correctly, the K1 sensor is considered superior to the one in the K5, & it is used now in the K30.

First, it's the K-01. We are all waiting on the K1 FF

And I haven't used the K01, and the k30 hasn't been released yet, but my understanding is that the K-5 has better noise control at super high ISO's, however between 100-800, the K-01 seems to have a very slight edge? I can't confirm that.

And yes, I have also heard they are different sensors, but I have also heard they are the same sensor with further modifications on the newer K-01/K30's.

And the K-30, like I said, is still not released (as far as I know - I could be wrong). But it will surely have better IQ than the D7000 if the test images being released of the sample cameras given out to testers/bloggers/reviewers (albeit very few) are indicative of it's potential.

The K30 is an EXTREMELY exciting camera, and while I won't be getting it because I have the K-5, it is indicative of how serious Pentax is to take on Canikon with it's continued promise of superior offerings/value for the price. And it gives some insight into how much better the K-5 replacement will be, which I am at the edge of my seat waiting for


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