P or S or A or M when shooting videos with a D5100

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Re: P or S or A or M when shooting videos with a D5100

pavi1 wrote:

What happens to the 3976/4000 of each second when no picture is being taken since you have only used up 24/4000 with pictures?

PerrimanSmythe wrote:

pavi1 wrote:

I have not fully understood why if you shoot at 1/4000 a sec at 24 fps you do not end up with 24 frames of pictures that are 1/4000 long and 24 frames of black that are 166/4000 sec long

When viewing at 24 fps, each frame is shown for 1/24th of a second. Frame is actually a still picture, and it doesn't really matter what shutter speed was used.

But when you shoot video at 1/4000 and at 24 fps, each frame is only exposed for 1/4000 with all the following - less light, less blur etc.

When you watch video you see 24 or 30 still photos (frames) per second. you do not see anything representing the time the shutter was not open. The photos are held on the screen for 1/24 or 1/30 second, even if their shutter speed was 1/4000 second or whatever.

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