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jonikon wrote:

I'm not sure who you are asking the question of, but here are some of my reasons I chose the Nikon D7000 over the Pentax K5.

  • Pentax K5 body was $200 more at realease than the Nikon D7000 body only.

And now it can be bought new for $800 body only. The D7000 can't even compete with that. But agreed, at launch it was more expensive.

  • Nikon D7000 has better auto focus, with 39 point. Pentax, worse AF with only 11 points.

Nikon is indeed faster, but the K-5 has been proven just as, if not more   accurate .

  • Nikon's flash system is far superior to Pentax flash system (which is dated).

Yes, it is, but if you don't NEED several thousand dollars in flash systems for VERY specific reasons, then it is just as good for the ordinary user. This is a fact.

  • Nikon's in-lens image stabilization is superior to Pentax's in-body IS, especially at longer focal lengths, where I need it most.

They are about the same, but the in body is better because it works on EVERY lens, AND keeps the lens size and cost down (for relatively same lenses). Mount a 1950's era manual lens on a Pentax and viola - it's stabilized!

  • Nikon lenses are of better optical quality and usually much less expensive than comparable Pentax lenses.

This is absolute garbage. The Limited line of lenses are extremely well made, optically and build, and especially the "Three Princesses" - the 31mm/43mm/77mm FA Limiteds which are considered by many to be some of the best lenses EVER MADE, including the likes of Zeiss.

  • Nikon D7000 has a metal shell, but Pentax K5 is plastic. I prefer metal.

Actually, this is the EXACT OPPOSITE. The D7000 has the magneisum components, while the ENTIRE BODY of the K5 is magnesium alloy. It has better sealing and the other part of the sealing is the lens - Nikon can't even compete with Pentax's line of affordable sealed lenses, started at less than $150. Nikon's sealed lenses are extremely expensive. Not to mention massive.

  • I prefer Nikon's implementation of Auto ISO to Pentax's because I can set the minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO. K5 won't allow that. That is what Pentax TAv mode allows - you set the shutter and aperture, and it does auto ISO. This is Unique to Pentax.

  • 5 year warranty on Nikon lenses. 1 year on Pentax lenses, (which has a poor reputation for lens quality control, especially the motors.)

Yes, the warranty suffers, but I can attest that the motor issue is more or less and issue of the past. I have the DA* 16-50, the DA* 50-135, and the DA* 60-250, all with the SDM motor that is complained about, and I have never had an issue. It's mostly the voiced minority giving the majority's issue free lenses a bad rap. Nikon is not without issues either.

  • Not as many third party lenses options available for Pentax as there are for Nikon. For example. Tamron and Tokina do not make lenses for Pentax and Sigma doses not make all of their lenses in a Pentax K mount.

  • Nikon system support and product availability is far better than Pentax in the US. I can walk into any camera store here and get a spare battery or a lens for a Nikon DSLR. Not true for Pentax. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw a Pentax DSLR in a store here in the US.

This is an issue, I admit.

  • I can rent any Nikon lens locally for very reasonable prices, which is great for special events like weddings. I can't do this with Pentax lenses. I would have to buy them, and I don't have $2000+ lying around for a 70-200 f2.8 lens right now.


  • Poor market and resale value for Pentax lenses and cameras in my area.

Online is the best to go. has a very alive marketplace.

  • Many local private sellers of used Nikon lenses and equipment, often at bargain prices. Not so for Pentax.

Again, Pentax is not as widely distributed. A price you have to pay for quality for the price.

  • Pentax's has been sold twice in six years and have very low market share percentage. I just don't trust that Pentax will still be making DSLRs in five years. I do expect Nikon to be making DSLRs for a very long time though.

The fact is that they make the best APS-C DSLR's. This is irrifutable. And now with the K-30? Pentax is not playing around anymore.

That's not all the reasons I chose the D7000 over the Pentax K5, but it's enough, IMO.

Best regards,

The Pentax K-5 is the best APS-C camera ever made, and if you go with the K-5, you will learn why yourself. Do not let the misinformed misdirect you. The D7000 is a great camera, but it's bigger than the K-5, the Nikon lenses are all bigger and at times more expensive (especially the high end ones), and no one on earth makes primes like Pentax. Yes the lens line up is not as vast as Canon or Nikon, but here's the thing - do you NEED SUPER telephoto? Sigma makes the 500 f/4.5 in Pentax mount), so that's covered. Do you NEED super wide? Sigma makes the 8-16, which no other brand does, in Pentax mount. Do you NEED weather resistance? Well no other brand compared. And now that you can get the K-5 for $800 new? Any other decision would be quite foolish, and this is fact, not opinion.


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